LED Christmas Lights - Blue Icicle String LEDs

 LED Christmas lights are quickly overtaking conventional light bulbs for holiday decorating. It’s really no wonder considering the clear benefits that LEDs offer over other types of bulbs. Let’s be honest: the first thought in most peoples’ minds is “how much higher is my energy bill going to be after a couple of weeks of this bright lighting all over my yard and house?” The truth is that LEDs are incredibly energy efficient and an average savings of 50% over other bulbs is typical.

led christmas lightsled holiday lights                              led holiday lights

Many people also don’t realize how bright these babies are and are pleasantly surprised to see their yard glowing like Las Vegas in comparison to their neighbors’ dull displays. Now this isn’t about outdoing the Jones’. …Well OK, it partially is, who are we kidding here? But even if you’re only putting up holiday lights inside your home, saving money on your electric bill leaves you more spending power for presents and some good food and wine to share with your loved ones.

All of the same Christmas lights you love like LED icicle lights, LED rope lights, LED string lights, blue LED Christmas lights and other LED holiday lights are avaiable instead of conventional bulbs.  The famous c9 lights are a great chioce and there are even LED tea lights for creating little alters, mangers and adding a warm twinkle to your home during the holidays.


led rope lights               c9 led christmas lights

LEDs come in virtually every style and color that conventional lights come in: string lights, mini lights, light balls, icicle lights, etc. These lights also give off much less heat, which, if you’ve ever accidentally touched a hot Christmas light, you will appreciate. Last but not least, these puppies last for a really, really long time. You can expect to reuse your LED Christmas lights for a decade running, if not more.